IM A RABUN COUNTY NATIVE PERFORMING CHAINSAW ART AT MY PLACE OF BUSINESS. MY SPECIALTY IS SMALL LITTLE PORCH AND FOYER BEARS THAT WILL MEET AND GREET YOU AND FRIENDS AT YOUR DOOR. I ALSO DO MAIL BOX BEARS, LOVE BEARS, WELCOME BEARS, AND MANY OTHERS INCLUDING THE CUTE TREE CLIMBER BEARS. WE HAVE AFFORDABLE SILHOUETTE SHADOW BEARS AND MANY OTHER DESIGNS INCLUDING MY WESTERN LINE. I BUILD OUTHOUSES AND MANY OTHER HILLBILLY CREATIONS. WE DO HAVE IMPORT PRODUCTS THAT ARE VERY AFFORDABLE. COME BY AND SEE US. THANKS FOR VIEWING OUR SITE. I have recently carved raccoons, cactus and pumpkins. My recent big bubba bear on the first page is almost 10 feet tall and was completed in a week . Every year Santa comes to our store to get people in the spirit of Christmas. Come by and see him. Clyde the gorilla is coming early fall. I have not decided whether to cage him up or let him run .